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Leonard and Roxanna Johnson are the creative force behind this company.

About Us

IT Consulting Since 1995

Leonard Johnson has been working in the IT field since 1995 when he started working for IBM. His education consists of a Bachelor in Computer Science from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, a Masters in Businesses from Our Lady of the Lake University, and currently working on his Masters in Interactive Intelligence for Georgia Tech University. Leonard has worked for numerous top five IT companies in the world. His field of focus deals with delivering top-notch user interfaces in simplistic fashion so users can focus on getting their job done faster and easier with fewer complications.

About Us

18 Years in 911

Roxanna Johnson has been a pioneer in the 911 field. Her education consists of a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and a Masters of Business from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Roxanna leveraged her education and experience in psychology to her newfound passion in 911. She has developed numerous education films for Police One and the Texas TERT education classes. She has held supervisory positions at several PSAPs and is a highly respected peer in her field.

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Leonard and Roxanna are always here to help. They have dedicated most of their life to helping those in the 911 field. The services that Leocite LLC provides are on par with any large IT company.

Telecommunications is a passion not a job. 

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